The farm of father Eloi. Image © Musée du Louvre. Late 1800s.

Three Hands, Two Holding Forks, Nuenen: late March-early April, 1885. Images © Stichting Van Gogh Museum.

The Courtyard of the Hospital at Arles, April, 1889. Images © Stichting Van Gogh Museum.

Landscape with a Church, Nuenen: December, 1883. Images © Stichting Van Gogh Museum.

Close studies for figures in paintings, at the places Vincent Van Gogh, the artist, stays, and of the people he meets, friends and fellow painters, and models he pays for their work, i.e. rooms, cafes, hospital, farms, cities, street scenes, the mailman and his wife, farmers, gleaners, etc. Van Gogh also sketches in letters to his brother and other friends. He makes plans for paintings this way. He also makes sketches from the paintings he did and is pleased with.

Reed pen, pen and ink, pencil, black and brown inks, or watercolors.

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh.

Many letter sketches and Drawings etc. here.

Also see book (facsimile edition), The Seven Sketchbooks of Vincent Van Gogh. New York: Harry N. Abrams. 1986.

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