All images © Masao Obata. Image source: Scott Rothstein. Used with permission.

This prolific artist fills sketchbooks with fanciful drawings mostly in red-pencil crayon. After a day of working in the kitchen of the institution where he has lived for many years, Masao Obata returns home with paper, boxes, or a sketchbook and draws through the night. Contemporary

"These pieces are typical of Mr. Obata’s work. He has drawn newly married couples hundreds of times, slightly varying the composition in each drawing. In addition, he draws children and animals as well as ships, flowers, tanks and even bombs." (Scott Rothstein)

Mostly red-colored pencils.

Artist: Masao Obata.

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A press release from the exhibition at the Art Brut Collection Lausanne on artists living in Japan, i.e. Masao Obata. (pdf, images and english text.)

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