The ship Aurora Australis. Image © Nick Hutcheson. Used with permission.

Davis Station seen from the ship. Image © Nick Hutcheson. Used with permission.

The hydroponic building at Mawson Station. Image © Nick Hutcheson. Used with permission.

Drawings are done before, during, and after a ship journey to Australian territories in Antarctica by the artist, Nick Hutcheson. His trip also involves a class room of students in Victoria, Australia, who journey with him through his web site. For 8 weeks Hutcheson draws from observation, the ship, stations, the people he meets there, various land-scapes of rock, sea ice, and mountain peaks, elephant seals, penquins, and studies of earlier explorers. Drawing South (the web site) provides his visual, and written, observations, and what his work leads to after his trip. 2008.

Graphite pencil, coloured pencil and felt pens. Some drawings on acrylic ground.

Artist: Nick Hutcheson.

See Drawing South web site and more here.



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