Encampment. © Musée du Louvre.

Seated Arab. © Musée du Louvre.

April 1 - 5. © Musée du Louvre.

The Moroccan Sketchbook, 1832, marks a diversion for Delacroix from Paris and the life of a history painter, architectural painter, and of historical and contemporary events (from the French revolution to popular news items) and literature. He travels to Spain and North Africa, the landscape, and the way of life for more material.

For a better idea of the line, notes and colors see: (1) page from sketchbook at the Louvre web site, (2) another page, and (3) another.

Preview, Eugene Delacroix un voyage initiatique, the journey, pictures and sketches (french) at Google books.

Watercolor on paper.

Artist: Eugene Delacroix.

CD: Eugene Delacroix: Le Voyage au Maroc (The Voyage to Morocco); Arborescence/Louvre/les films d’ici.

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