Geometrical Devices for Masonry Work, Bib. Nat. ms. fr. 19093, fol. 40.

A Figure Study of a Lion and Porcupine, Bib. Nat. ms. fr. 19093, fol. 48.

Exterior View of Reims Cathedral, Bib. Nat. ms. fr. 19093, fol. 61.

Various models for sculpture, architecture (building techniques), and mechanical devices, for industry and war, appear in this book made by the master stone mason, Villard de Honnecourt, medieval France. Religious and secular figures suitable for sculpture are also included, along with architectural plans, elevations, details, ecclesiastical objects with many notes made (animals and people also). His drawings of the Laon cathedral bell towers and the Reims cathedral nave, provide valuable clues for building techniques of High Gothic architecture. 1220 or 1230.

Ink on paper.

Artist: Villard de Honnecourt.

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