Study of horses. 1504-06. © Royal Library, Windsor.

Distance Of Sun To Earth. 1452-1519.

Anatomical studies of the shoulder. 1510-11. © Royal Library, Windsor.

The intricate studies by Leonardo Da Vinci and his notes on human anatomy (human science), nature (natural sciences), etc. fill his sketchbooks. Most, if not all, are from observation and experiments to better understand what he draws and paints to achieve ideal representations of both human and the natural worlds, and the built world around him. We see his thinking through of volumes, forms, and perspective of architecture, but also the symbols and myths found in the religious and merchant worlds. His sketchbooks, and codices, are filled with sketches of his machine inventions for flight, for building cities, and for war.

Pen and ink, and red chalk.

Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci.

Codex drawings and models, Milan.

More drawings and sketches online (education use only).

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