Marching to the Seat of War, 27 May 1861.

Camp at Roche's Mill, August 1861.

Bivouac at Dumfries, 13 December 1862.

Personal images of the American Civil War, sketches by a soldier, early in his career. They are graphite and ink with watercolor added later. The sketches are attached to paper boards and bound together.

Berckhoff was a career soldier. He was twenty years old when he enlisted in New York City. He was a private in the Eighth New York Volunteer Infantry, Company B, which was also known as the First German Rifles. This was an "ethnic regiment" composed of approximately 1,000 German immigrants.

Graphite, ink and watercolor.

Artist: Private Henry Berckhoff.

Water Color Sketchbook by Private Henry Berckhoff, 8th New York "German Rifles"(27 May 1861 to 23 May 1863) Digital History. Retrieved January 16, 2009 from
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