My teaching philosophy is based on teaching experience, theories in art education, and my art practice.

Studio Thinking (@project zero, createquity), or Teaching for Artistic Behaviours (TAB), is based on the combination of common studio structures, Demonstration/Lecture, Student-work-in-progress, and Feedback/Critique, and 8 Habits of Mind or dispositions based on research in successful art classrooms across America. Similar to the Reggio classroom.

The experiential educational model focuses on process and problem solving on the actions and skills required, the stages through thinking how to do what is needed next on any project, and reflection (critical thinking), as individuals and/or in groups. It provides students with a way to gain deep knowledge of subject matter, concepts, technical skills, etc.

I taught IB Visual Arts for 3.5 years with Mastery Learning concepts and curriculum at the QSI International School of Bratislava, Slovakia. Students graduated and attend Central St. Martins, London; Leeds College of Art & Design, England; and applications to Savannah College of Art & Design, USA.

Technology is integrated in my classroom, in the following ways;

I am constantly searching out the possibilities in Art Education programs, such as GCSE (UK), currently, and theories or different curriculum in Art Education.

As a continuing exhibiting artist, I also bring with me experience from the professional art world. A few of my reference books are: 

I have participated in professional development art workshops that are provided by schools, school boards, and education associations, such as,

My own interests and research have resulted in web sites to the left:

I provided the PD workshop to Teachers, Art for Multiple Subject Elementary Classrooms, at the QSI Eastern Europe PD days, (Bratislava, Slovakia).

I am certified by the Ontario College of Teachers, Canada, and have met the Province of Ontario standards in the Visual Arts. I have also found them to be an excellent guide for my international teaching placement.

Lesa Moriarity, OCT

BFA, Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, 2000

BEd, Queen's University, 2007

MFA, University of Leeds, 2003