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Tally Sheet Drawing Series


Ball point ink, markers, on bond paper photocopies. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. 2005.


My approach with the Tally Sheet drawings was spontaneous and automatic. The drawings were completed on 5-hour, 8-hour, or 10.5-hour shifts on my 37+ hours, 5-6 day weekly schedule at a Call Centre. I began drawing on my Tally Sheets in January, 2005. The Call Centre fundraised for good causes, non-profit organizations and for the arts. As a Caller, I could draw while I worked. This made the Call Centre unique. The drawings were done on my Tally Sheet where I recorded my sales and pledges, and handed them in at the end of my shift to the Supervisor to be tallied for commission, verified, corrected, and entered. Eventually, I kept the drawings for myself and transferred sales to another sheet. Every Tally Sheet also has the shift hours, station, and date. Names have been covered. The project ended when I left the Call Centre in September, 2005.

- L.Moriarity, BFA, MA.

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