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Tally Sheet Drawing Series.

Gallery Setting Proposal

Proposal for Installation.

The installation in a Gallery setting will document my work at the Call Centre. The drawings will be sorted by month or station on the floor in a chart, similar to drawing critique, in the centre of the room with space to walk around them. Photocopies of the Tally Sheet drawings will be made available to the public to take home, and blank tally sheets, to use at their place of work.

Artist Statement

Call Centre jobs have been the answer for politicians and workers toward high unemployment rates and the promise for a decent quality of life in the future for a decade or more now in cities and towns across Canada. The industry standard average wage of $12.00 an hour, plus commission, requires Callers to work a 37+-hour workweek just to make ends meet. Callers are eligible for limited benefits when they maintain the required work hours each week. Shifts are in afternoons, late night, and weekends. Companies prefer Callers schedule fewer hours every week for better results on the phone. At the same time, Call Centres have provided flexible shifts, and minimum income for those Callers who want to pursue their passion in music, theatre, dance, visual art, education, their children, between jobs or in transition, living on pension, and living with disability.

I worked for a Call Centre for one and half years. My drawings were completed during shift hours. Fundraising was gratifying, because it was for good causes, arts and non- profit organizations. The repetitive communication skills required of the job, however, was mind numbing. Drawing began spontaneously for me, and close to automatic drawing. Drawing while I worked made this Call Centre unique. At the end of every shift we handed our Tally Sheets in for Supervisors to verify sales, correct, tally, input, and report to clients. I soon began to keep the drawings and transfer sales to another sheet at the end of every shift. Every tally sheet notes the number of the station, hours, and date. I combined Calling and drawing on my Tally Sheets on my 37+ hours a week, 5-hour, 8-hour, or 10.5-hour shifts, 5-6 day weekly schedule, from January to October 2005.

L. Moriarity, BFA, MA.

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