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Launch of Exhibit 905 Web Site.

Art Show Centres on Call Centres.

[Oshawa, January 09, 2006] - Exhibit 905 announces the launch of its new web site with the exhibition of Tally Sheet Drawing Series. The drawings and website by artist, Lesa Moriarity, completed at her day-job as a Caller at a Call Centre in Toronto, ON, 2005.

The work of Call Centres is based on member lists and databases, to help update and provide statistics to clients. For a decade or more now, Call Centre jobs have been the answer for politicians and workers toward high unemployment rates and the promise for a decent quality of life in the future in suburbs, rural towns, and cities across Canada. At the same time, Call Centres have provided flexible shifts and income support that meet the minimum needs of people who want to pursue their passion in music, theatre, dance, visual art, education, their children, between jobs or transition, while on pensions, and living with disability.

The job requires Callers to work late nights and weekends. Callers are eligible for limited benefits when they maintain the required work hours every week. While companies encourage them to schedule fewer hours for better results on the phone, many Callers must work their 35+-hour work week to make ends meet.

"It was gratifying because we fundraised for good causes, arts and non-profit organizations.," said Moriarity, "Exhaustive repetitive communication skills are required of the job. Drawing while I worked made the Call Centre unique."

Callers write their sales and pledges on tally sheets, which Supervisors verify, correct, total, give bonuses, input and report to clients at the end of every shift. Every tally sheet notes the number of the station, hours, and date. Moriarity kept her tally sheets with drawings on them, and transferred her sales to another sheet to hand in. Drawing was combined spontaneously with Calling by Moriarity, during her 37+ hours a week, 5-hour, 8-hour, or 10.5-hour shifts, 5-6 days a week schedule, from January to October 2005.

The drawings are now available for viewing by the public with the launch of the Exhibit 905 web site: www.exhibit905.info.

For more information contact: info@exhibit905.info.

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Copyright of this website and all images, 2005, L. Moriarity. Permission required for copy and/or distribution of images. Contact: info@exhibit905.info