Installation of Stuff Diary, photographs and diaries; Ontario Shores, Gallery, 2013, Whitby, Ontario, Canada



Out of storage, Oshawa, Ontario, 2005

Attawapiskat, On. 2009 (L) and Vancouver, BC. 2005, in Oshawa, 2009

Attawapiskat, ON. 2009.

Stuff Diary, 2002 - 2010, sketchbooks and various clippings and new and found items. 12 volumes.

I photographed pages of my Stuff Diary (sketchbook) in the settings and the locals where and when they were done. I thought of them as a way to keep a record of my year of studies and research, and personal life, during my MA studies in England, 2002-03. I studied during and after a period of recovery from severe depression and this was a way to stay engaged with everyday life everyday. Upon my return to Canada, however, and eventual move from BC to Ontario my practice continued to 12 volumes. Stuff Diary came to an end May 2010.

The diary's include paper items mailed to me, found items off streets, sidewalks, places of business, conference materials, photographs, newspaper clippings, school information, art supply labels, receipts from travelling by bus, train, plane. I put them into coil bound sketchbooks I bought in the places I lived and studied.

The practice of accumulating is also part of my painting practice where I work with a series of many, and materials that are affordable.

L. Moriarity. 2012.