What is now called the Humility Home Art Collection, started on reserve my last year there and was completed a year or two after my return to the south. This is the blog of the progress of the project. I appropriated images from the internet and from the art world on the internet and painted them in oils.

- Lesa Moriarity, 2012.

[14 November 2012]
Humility Home Art Collection continues to come together. However, I will have to return to it next summer, and/or late winter. I am teaching Art in Kuwait now!

Latest news: Humility Home Art Collection, will be exhibiting in Ontario, Canada,summer 2014!

[17 August 2012]
Emerging Artist, 2012, at the AWOL Gallery Square Ft Show, annual, 2012.

[8 July 2012]
Took some paintings up to the cottage to work on. The far left one is for the AWOL annual Square Foot show (donation) for the 4th of August, 2012.

Now I'm at a point where I am returning to previous paintings and working on them again, to detail or such. Interesting. I don't know what to make of this group of paintings, very wierd.

Back at home for a few days and I've framed a few. It's overwhelming to see them together in a small space.

[15 June 2012]
Gallery Dealers
Magazine Editors
Artist Talk


[28 May 2012]
Humility Home Art Collection, has been decided as the title of this series of paintings w/frames.

Here are two paintings completed in the last week, and more in progress.

Right above, Exhibit Installation, and below, Viewing 2.

[25 May 2012]
I'm thinking of a new title for 'Patrons', thats been a working title. Instead, I'm thinking of - Home Art Collection. Sitting with it.

(two more paintings done, and starting more...)

[15 May 2012]
My collection of frames is growing; more frames than I need, and lots to choose from. Value Village has terrific finds. Recently I bought an old oak frame and an ornate wooden frame painted silver. The smaller tin frames, from the 40s? Canada, have been found too. I take them apart, clean, repair, and re-use. They work.

[27 April 2012]
Re: drawing above. Some thoughts on installing Patrons, 2010-present. Some will be sitting on the floor with support on back of frame, some hung on walls. People will have to walk around the floor paintings carefully. The paintings will be set up in different directions. This will make people walk around the framed paintings. To literal? I think it may work?

2 auction paintings completed and another almost finished; working on 4 more on handling and installing paintings.

[6 April 2012]
Three more paintings complete and varnishing, and 3 more well on the way to completion.. I'm on a roll, painting every day, which I haven't been able to do in a few years because of circumstances and commitments elsewhere. It is abit to good to be true.

Teacher1 and 2, Auction 1, 2, and Preparator in progress, and Artist interview 2, all to the right.

[17 March 2012]
Patrons is coming along. I just finished three more paintings and almost finished another, starting two new, and finding new images. I've been varnishing some and framing and putting them together (above) and feeling pretty good about the progress. How can I show them? salon style? on shelves? a bit of both maybe. Some of the frames set up on table top which envokes a home.

A submission from last september has brought some interest to this project, which is great encouragement. I am continuing to begin new paintings and going to places, for images or bios, I did not think of before.

Images to the right include paintings, The Reception, The Video Interview, The Painter 3, The Painter and Collectors2, and The Teacher 2.

[29 November 2011]
I continue slowly with these paintings, but pleased with the outcome, another 5 underway almost finished.

'Patrons Group 2.', Oil on commercial canvases, and frames., November 29, 2011. Each 8 1/2 x ll inches before framed.

[15 September 2011]



[9 September 2011]
Painting and putting proposals together. 16 paintings so far, and more to do. Trying out frames.

Lesa Moriarity, 'Group 1 of Patrons series', Oil on canvas board, commercial frames, 2011.

[30 August 2011]
STOP THINKING! (agnes martin)
Back to painting, finally making some progress.


'Patron paintings in progress.', August 2011.

[29 August 2011]
Ok. So, now I'm back to my project. What to do next? I've started going larger and playing with framing the finished paintings. My thinking, right now, is to use a variety of frames, classical to modern, to install the paintings on the wall.
I must also start sending out proposals for exhibiting Patrons series.
So I begin today.
[24 July 2011]
Art by the Lake, Harbour Days, July 23, 2011, Whitby, Ontario was a blast. One Lake, 2005-09, drew lots of interest and discussion about painting with adults and kids! Terrific. I'm so happy.
I haven't done an art show outside before,and it was appropriate for this work, so I took a chance and pleased with the outcome.
We had great weather. What better place to be in 33+degree temperatures than by a lake. A cool breeze and in the shade and sun for the afternoon, watching the tall ship port and embark on short trips on Lake Ontario.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted, and questioned.
And thanks to my big sister for her help - that's her waving under the canopy.

[19 July 2011]
Just confirmed my participation at the Harbour Days Art Show and Sale this Saturday July 23, 12 to 5pm. Whitby, Ontario, Canada. First showing of both series, should be interesting, and hopefully will make some sales. Will let you know.
[15 July 2011]
I've begun painting again! It's very hot here so I work in the mornings or after 6pm when it is cooler outside. There is no place to paint indoors yet.
And, I have a tentative deadline that I am working towards for a show/sale at the end of the month.
I'm attaching works in progress, at different stages. I'd like to continue abit more with the Patron paintings, because I'm getting somewhere with them conceptually and with the material of oil paints. I love what oils can do for the painting, and gaining in some appreciation for doing less with them, using glazes, and thinning with linseed oil.
Will post more about the show when I receive the package that will confirm it. It's in the mail!
[6 July 2011]
The 'Patron' paintings and I are South. They will be completed here in the summer, in the back yard, under the sun.
This is a change from the sub-basement I was working in during the short winter days of the North and the long spring days.
What direction will they take here? They look like old paintings. I find myself working on them over and over, layers of glaze and oil and pigment. Until the gesture is right in the figure or fabric or light, the whole picture is whole, working, when I work in this way. Colors such as blues are missing, and reds. Browns, whites, and yellows, and black prevails. The colors of the North, too.
I've come home and taking out the old and in with the new. Unpacking slowly, and sorting and repacking for moving on. It's a good feeling, like sheding a skin, and shaking free.
I may have a showing at the end of July!

'Patrons (series)', Oils, July 2011.
[1 June 2011]
[Goose Break - my two week holiday to the south at the end of April was extended by 5-6 weeks due to the sudden need for palliative care and burial of an immediate family member. I was glad to be there, and would not have changed my presence for him, for anything. I am back north now for the final month of the school year.]
I don't feel up to painting, it takes time to get back into the head space of the paintings. But, I put a dark umber and yellow glaze to warm them up. The colors and surface looks stark to me. It should also unify them as a series. This may get my mind back into painting.
One proposal has been sent out for a possible summer exhibit.
[10 April 2011]
A-N Artists Talking Asked: “It would be great from our point of you if you were to make a special post in your blog to the issues around working abroad - anything that you think might be of interest to other artists and those involved in art today.”
Working and living as a contract Teacher, who happens to be an artist, on-reserve in the subarctic has all sorts of challenges, so you need to be open minded and flexible. The great thing about Teaching is that everyday is different, and that is a huge key for me where there is alot of sameness.
The remote location is often the hardest thing to overcome in various ways that can be hard to be prepared for; if you haven't been here before. It can creep up on you and become a breaker in terms of staying for any length of time. Technology isn't always reliable or available. Alot of the time, T.V., phone, internet, connections are limited. Your support system is you, for the most part.
Movies, reading, outdoor activities become tiresome quickly, because of limitations as well. You have to take care of yourself, because no one else will, and know yourself to best cope with what can be the harshness of living in a new place that is remote.
There are tradeoffs, of course, to working in the north. As a Teacher, and artist, there are risks working with no union representation, no teacher pension coverage, and no worker security benefits. Every job provides different benefits and coverage, so check. While you might be paid a higher wage, the cost of groceries and travel are higher. The great thing is there is little to spend on any disposable income you may have. There is only one large grocery store, and a few small corner store-like shops in town.
Groceries, supplies, mail, equipment, must be ordered and fly-in.
The experience of the subarctic environment, nature, and people, is the trade off. You will be immersed in the ancestral culture of a people, and learn their ways, the community issues, politics, and how they survive a small remote, and sometimes insular, community.
[20 March 2011]
The small landscape paintings that will sell for $20.00cdn each. You can see more at home web site:
I have two places in mind right now, where this proposal ought to 'sell.' Busy getting them together for showing this summer.

[17 March 2011]
I do not mean to offend. So, if I do, please accept my apologies.
Some paintings finished, and some in progress, and some started.
My tentative title is "Patrons".
And, here is my in progress exhibit proposal:
The name of the performance/installation I am proposing appropriates some of the cultural forms I have appropriated since living on reserve as a teacher. The demands and modes of the local economy, specifially, entails packing items in plastic tubs to travel to the area, $20.00 bills are the popular currency to have on hand, and making and selling art work at Toonie Tables, or Raffles, to fundraise for personal events, such as a wedding, to help a family member in crisis, to help pay for travel costs, as a supplement to low incomes, and to talented endeavours.
In my performance installation, 3 plastic, frosted transparent, tubs will be presented, which are packed with paintings, which is a previous painting project not yet exhibited. I will continue to make and sell these small paintings for $20. This additional income will go to pay towards my Grad student debt.
My oil paintings are entitled, Patrons, they will overlook the 'scene' of making and selling art works. Patrons, takes its name from Rembrandt's patron paintings done as an aging painter, and the patron saints in the catholic church, whose presence is still strong on reserves in the Canadian North. The paintings depict a variety of roles particular to the existance of the art scene, that we all know: curator, director of gallery, artist, dealer, collector, teacher, viewer, etc.

[15 March 2011]
More, more, more, searching and looking and painting today. It's March Break and there is little to do up here otherwise for me.
It is a good place for that.
Painting, reading, walking. Where is the joy? I ask, because it is gone, some of the time. There is no place to shop, to go to, to be among people at a food fair. There is snow and ice and a few kids and dogs, a small plane is landing, which it does once a day.
What makes the 'fine arts' field? people.
art critics
art historians
gallery owners
museum directors
gallery directors
art teachers
so what.

'Artist (1)', Oil on commercial canvas board, 2011. In progress.

'Dealer', Oil on commercial canvas board, 2011. In progress.

'Museum Director', Oil on commercial canvas board, 2011.
In progress.

'Panelists 1960s', Oil on commercial canvas board, 2011.
In progress.

All text and images © Lesa Moriarity, 2012.